We Help Businesses Access Affordable Power Supply Through The Hours of business

The cost of power generation has gone up, right? We have brought it down.
About Us

We Operate To Take Care of your business electrical power needs, while you focus on making profit.

Urche Energies is an Electric Power Supply Company that helps businesses access electric power supply through business hours at a very subsidized rate.

We understand that one of the key components of a thriving business is constant power supply, and so we operate to handle your business power needs while you focus on making profit.

what we do...

We give businesses access to electric power supply by providing private power plants to business area, this enables businesses connect to a stable and affordable power supply through business hours. Specifically from 9am - 5:30pm, from monday - saturday.

Our uniqueness

why choose us?

We understand that it costs a lot to personally generate electricity for your business, due to the high cost of fuel and diesel, plus the cost of constant maintenance required to keep your private generator in good working form. We want to make power supply affordable for you.

The stress of running around to check on your generator, purchase fuel or diesel, and even guarantee steady power supply through business hours is now taken away. We have you well covered.

we have taken all the stress away from you, and just by subscribing to Urche Bros Energies, you will have access to affordable and guaranteed power supply through business hours. You simply worry about making profit, and let us worry about supplying power to your business.

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